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Truth About Dr. Raphael Perez Spanish Discovery Easy Slim

An internet doctor named Raphael Perez claims that new Spanish vegetable discovery that makes people poop out 3 times more fat so they automatically slim down faster than anything. While randomly browsing on the internet you might have came across following enticing video promotion.

Dr. Raphael Perez appears to be a fake doctor with scam intent
Dr Perez’ long boring scammy video introduction!

The Long Boring Video Terror

Just like various other internet scam supplements this video also promises some breakthrough weight loss discovery in couple of minutes. You wait patiently for 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Out of sheer frustration you try to fast forward the video… but HEY you can’t! The video demonstration takes you nowhere. Instead it talks about the same Suzane who lost 64 pounds.

After spending gruesome hour you are finally pitched to buy a diet supplement called “Easy Slim” with outrageous claims of weight loss, mood enhancement, better sex drive etc.

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Who is Doctor Raphael Perez?

Dr. Perez is a fictional world renowned and #1 best selling author of weight loss discovery.

He wants to reveal how to poop put 3X fat without crazy diet or exercise. The claim is as follows

This is the first and only supplement in the world that features the Spanish vegetable extract, the “Fat Eliminator Secret”, and 9 other nutrients to overcome the Fat Absorption Syndrome that keeps overweight men and women from being able to lose weight faster, easier, and keep it off. It has been shown to work in a double-blind human clinical study and published in leading medical journals. Other supplements don’t work because they do NOT overcome this syndrome.

Easy Slim Review: The Ingredients

This supplement is made from Artichoke powder, opuntia extract, stinging nettle powder, carob powder, L-tyrosine, Alpha lipoic acid, Zink sulfate, Chromium picolinate, Sodium Selenite.

Doctor Raphael Perez Easy Slim

If these ingredients are real then it may help in weight management with controlled diet and moderate exercise. But you won’t pooing-out tons of fat as claimed by this Doctor!

Medical Insight

Mixing so many ingredients in a single capsule is pharmaceutically very difficult and very inefficient due to low dosage. Lots of ingredients are added only for sales hype to make it look fantastic. eHealth Labs’ Easy Slim diet supplement is marketed through website.

Consumers Complaints & Feedback

Since Easy Slim diet pill is a new supplement there are not many users reviews on the internet. However, we can see plenty of reviews on TrustPilot about Dr. Raphael’s other products. Few selected real customers reviews are posted below.

Yeah yeah yeah… he’s not a doctor! If someone had a secret that worked naturally and just pass it on to help then they wouldn’t harp on for hours without telling you what it was. If it was natural then it wouldn’t be a tablet.
Eat less sugar, more fibre and exercise oh and drinks matter- less alcohol, fizzy drinks and lots of water. It makes a difference. I’m not a doctor either but I don’t gain and I care for facts above empty promises!


This so-called Dr. Raphael Perez with a stolen identity is a FRAUD. Tel No. 02080891316 is unobtainable. He can not be contacted. He keeps harping about an Indian herb and does not reveal the name till the end of his video. In the end, EASYFLEX for Joint Pain is recommended and prompted to buy. I wish he could be caught and put in jail for an indefinite period or till his natural death.

Satish Saxena

I watched the video right up to the end because I obviously must hate myself. When i started I was in perfect health and now i have leaky brain syndrome. Forget sending criminals to jail, we should just play this video on repeat a couple times as punishment, they’ll never commit a crime again ! I quite like the idea of natural healing, but shoving a bunch of ingredients into one expensive pill wont do much as there isn’t enough of each ingredient to make a difference anyway. Seems like L-Glutamine is worth a look at and I also quite like the idea of downing shots of absinthe without getting called an alcoholic as its “for my health”

Stephen Cubdy

Easy Slim Pricing & Package Info

  • £199.80 for 6 bottles
  • £134.70 for 3 bottles
  • £49.95 for 1 bottle

Beware of Fraudulent Auto Billing!

You’ll get 10% discount if you select the so called VIP CLUB. However, please be aware that you’ll be enrolled into automatic monthly subscription, often these auto shipments are almost impossible to cancel! Users have reported that Dr. Perez’s other products like Gut Solution, Joint pain relief, Easy digest, Easy gut solution etc. have similar modus operandi.

It seems that this person is also known as Dr. Paul O’Connell & Dr. Marcel Capt etc. Gut Solution easy digest, Easy Prostate, Vision Plus by Vision Helper, Eas Flex by The Joint Helper are other products marketed with similar sales campaign.

Easy Slim Better Alternatives

  • While diet & exercise is the proven method to lose weight supplements are not always bad idea, especially during your 2-3 months of weight loss journey. Products like PhenGold can help you kickstart your fitness goal.
  • Nutritional meal plans like Intermittent Fasting, Smoothie Diet & Keto diet works really well. You can try this Keto Diet plan for just $1 today & we highly recommend it.

Looking for cheaper & better alternative?

Easy Slim : Final Conclusion

From our careful research it appears that Dr. Raphael Perez’s Easy Slim diet pill is an ordinary dietary supplement with many pros and cons. Since there are many cheaper and better alternatives available you can give it a miss.

5 thoughts on “Truth About Dr. Raphael Perez Spanish Discovery Easy Slim”

  1. Avatar

    Dr. Raphael Perez has a new product (Nutra digest), which is classified as a SCAM by this website. Dr. Raphael Perez was created by 2 Frenchmen from 2M MEDIA.


  2. Avatar

    Bought 3 months supply I have used 2months 2 weeks supply what a scam what a waste of money I hope the people behind this scam will die roaring

  3. Avatar

    I have just paid £228..96 by credit card. Have I just lost that money?
    Please answer me as soon as possible.
    Thank you
    M. Rowen (Mrs)

    1. HBP Editor

      Return the product without opening the package. Inform them that you no longer need this product. You may have to pay return shipping charge. Normally scam companies reject refund request either by ignoring or by by giving flimsy excuses. So be consistence with your follow-up. If nothing works, contact your CC company & dispute the charge.

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