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Hammer of Thor & Other Bogus Male Enhancement Pills

Have you seen small ads on daily Newspaper for male enhancement products? I see such ads daily in almost all the Newspapers. It includes variety of supplements like ‘Japanese Lingavardhak Taila’, German enlargement cream, Himalayan herbs etc. Such ads normally appear on classifieds section of daily Newspapers.

While driving from Pune to Kerala, in southern Karnataka district I also found some tribal communities selling similar male enhancement oils on roadside tent shaped shops with colorful banners and photos! If you are accompanied by family members (especially teenage kids) you surely get embarrassed.

My Curious Research

I was really curious to know how these bogus enlargement supplements work and who is actually buying them. When I started research on them online, I found many more supplements on grey & black sites. It seems that few products called Hammer of Thor, Thor Hammer, Thor Dimond, Herb Shanti of Thor etc. are sold online.

All of them claim that they are the original ‘Hammer of Thor“, but others are fake. From my observation, it appears that the same product is sold with different name in India, Malyaia & Indonesia. The product packing, ingredients & marketing strategy are all the same. Hammer of Thor is actually a fantasy novel.

What is ‘Thor’ anyway?

Thor with Hammer: img source

According to Cambridge Dictionary, ‘Thor’ means the god of thunder and weather who protected people and the land.

Thor is a character depicted in Scandinavian mythology. Scandinavian are the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and Iceland.

So, this ‘THOR’ is derived from European culture. Thor is a masculine male god with massive muscle power, strength and stamina who has terrifying look.

In modern days Thor can be compared to ‘The Avenger” (Chris Hemsworth). So, all these ‘Thor supplements’ are claiming to provide ‘Thor god’ power, fantastic!

Does Hammer of Thor Supplement Work?

First of all, we have to see what they claiming. Officially, these supplements are labelled as ‘strength, stamina, endurance & muscle building’ – so no problem.

However, it’s those fake News sites & fake blogs that are promising utterly rubbish benefits like male organ enlargement, massive semen volume, hourlong power etc. I have found a spoofed fake news site with ‘not-safe-for-work’ graphical content.

The Common Ingredients

Herbal ingredients used in male enhancement products

Ingredients are not properly disclosed. However, common ingredients include, Ashwagandha, Mussoli, Shilajit, Panax ginseng, Fenugreek, Vadarikand, Shatavari, Longjack, Rhodiola rosea etc.

All these nutrients are known for reduction of stress, improving blood circulation enhancing male fertility etc.[Ref 1, 2]

Additionally, it may be useful for promoting natural testosterone hormone in male body. These food supplements are unlikely cause any side effects in short duration.

Therefore, if you are suffering from conditions like lower testosterone, infertility due to lower sperm motility, lack of muscle energy, leathery these supplements maybe taken. However, none of them can increase the size & girth of your tool, period!

Impotency V/s Infertility

Male impotency & infertility are not the same. A man maybe perfectly potent but maybe infertile due to lower sperm motility. When couple try to conceive baby things can get worse if the woman/wife has PCO also. On the other hand, a man maybe perfectly potent (with good sperm motility rate) but maybe suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction) making intercourse difficult.

Should I Take these supplements?

First, forget organ enlargement. If you are suffering from certain men’s issues then improve your diet, reduce or completely stop bad habits and do regular exercise. Consult a reputed Ayurveda or Unani doctor and discuss your specific problem. Dietary supplements take time to show results, normally 2-3 months.


There is no magic cure for any medical conditions. Scamsters continue to peddle bogus pills like Hammer of Thor to ignorant men. Be careful from now onwards!