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Godrej Launches Insulicooler+ For Diabetes Management

godrej insulicooler

Insulicool by Godreg Appliances is a smart & portable cooling device that can be used to store insulin, pens & cartridges at precise temperature between 2- 8°C. Maintaining the optimum temperature of insulin vials keeps it potent.

A cooler without compressor! This is an innovative technology where cooling is achieved through thermoelectric chip technology without using a compressor or refrigerant. SMART!

Since it’s easy to carry portable device, it’s very useful while on travel. Additionally, instead of using your regular kitchen refrigerator a dedicated medicine cooler like Insulicool is ideal for effective management of diabetes patients.

Godrej IsulinCooler V/s Insulicooler+ (Plus)

Well, technically there is no difference. The PLUS version of Insulicooler comes with a 20,000 mAH battery which can keep the device cool for upto 4 hours. For both the versions the car charger is sold separately as part of the travel pack.

Pricing Info.

  1. InsuliCooler: The MRP of the device on official Godrej Appliance website is Rs 5999/- (without powerbank and car charger)
  2. For PLUS version the price is Rs 8499/- (with power bank, but without car charger)

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More about Insulicooler

As per advertisement & official press release, following are the main features & benefits of InsuliCooler.

Compact and portable
Retains temperature between 2- 8 °Celsius.
Advanced cooling technology without compressor or refrigerant.
Advanced temperature display.
Capacity 0.56 Litres
Dimensions (L x W x H) 22.90 cm x 15.90 cm x 15.20 cm.
Net Weight 2.5 kg

AC Power Input 160V – 230V AC 50Hz
AC Current 1.5 A max
Power Consumption (W) 42
Temperature Cut-Off 3°C – 5°C
Power Consumption (W) 42
Temperature Cut-Off 3°C – 5°C
Cooling Retention (without lid opening) Less than 10 minutes

Is there a market in India for portable fridge?

Type-2 diabetes, though a lifestyle disease, is difficult to cure or reverse completely. Metformin (biguanide) is a prescription drug widely used for diabetes management. This medicine controls blood sugar for years or decades.

Prolonged use of Metformin develops a medical condition called ‘insulin resistance’ where the body fails to recognize insulin which is essential to transform sugar to cells. Insulin resistance leads to sudden drop of energy, uncontrollable hunger etc. In this case patients are given Insulin vial.

India is becoming Diabetes Capital!

According to this 2019 Hindu report, India is home to 77 million diabetes patients (7.7 crore), the second highest in the world. The Times of India also reported that by 2045 India’s diabetes patient count would increase to 135 million (13.5 crore). This is a dangerous trend!

Obesity is easy to find (just check your bulging tummy), whereas diabetes don’t show any early symptoms. Even perfectly fit & slim person may develop diabetes. To prevent lifestyle diseases like obesity, high BP & Diabetes etc monitor your blood sugar regularly. See how to check your body fat percentage.

Insulin vials should be stored at a temperature of 2- 8°C. Unfortunately, millions of households in India don’t have refrigerator due to affordability issue. So, Godrej conducted good market research before launching Insulicool.

There are limited number of independent & verifiable reviews. However, few of the feedbacks given by customers appears to be positive and encouraging.