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5 Daily Weight Loss Lies Promoted by Indian News Media

weight loss industry lies

You will be surprised to know that what we thought that would help us lose weight are actually the reasons for our failure in the same. Following they are :

1. Never skip your breakfast: A MYTH, A BIG LIE!

2. Eating Six Small meals a day can help you control weight – A Myth

3. Good and bad Cholesterol: Another BIG LIE

4. Eat Low fat meals: A Myth

5. Sugar replacements – a remedy for weight gain?

Weight loss industry is a million-dollar business opportunity for doctors, chemists and even online and offline sellers of weight loss aids.

They don’t really want you to be fit and fine. So, many of the famous weight loss tips given these days are intentionally spread myths.

If you really want to shed extra pounds in 2023, this new year, please read & share this article.

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Lie No 1. Never skip your breakfast

This is a widely given advice for a healthy living which is in reality a MYTH!

5 weight loss industry lies

Honestly speaking, packaged food industry & supplements companies are surviving by spreading this myth once and again.

This is an imported BIG FAT LIE spread by Indian mainstream medias for few several decades. The media has successfully managed to manipulate mass Indian population.

Even an illiterate person now a day says breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Sure, breaking your fast is important, but were you fasting for atleast 12 hours? Who told you that you must eat your breakfast at 8AM? Why not at 11AM?

Everybody talks like a diet expert saying this habit may lead to acidity, weight gain and is a reason for early diseases etc. (without actually trying to fast)

But in ancient India, there’s a famous saying that talks about the relation between number of meals you take a day and the type of person you end up being.

It says, the one who eats

  • 1 meal a day is a Yogi or self-actualizer
  • 2 Meals a day is a Bhogi or enjoyer and
  • 3 meals a day becomes a Rogi or Patient!

Skipping meals, including breakfast is perfectly alright for anyone who does not take medication for diabetes.

Skip Your Breakfast: A truth!

What a shame… until few years ago I too believed in the breakfast myth.

In fact, skipping breakfast is one of the easiest way to shed some pounds quickly. Mornings are normally energetic, and we don’t really need to eat unnecessarily.

Experts say that 12-16 hours fasting (Intermittent fasting) everyday can help a lot in reaching weight loss goals quickly. This can be easily achieved by skipping breakfast.

Start your New Year by skipping breakfast and kickstart your weight loss.

I started losing weight by just skipping breakfast. After losing more than 10 KG, I’m maintaining my weight now through the same technique!

2. Eat Six Small Meals a Day – A Myth

Gosh! Thousands of weight loss bloggers & Youtubers advice you to try having small more frequent meals. Have you tried this? If yes, I am sure you have ended up eating more than what you normally eat during a day.

This is a normal tip given to diabetic patients to satiate their sugar cravings. Don’t take it as a serious slimming technique. You will gain extra weight if you start eating frequently!

Eat Just One or Two meals a Day: A Truth

Growing kids really need more food  to grow well.

But fully grown adults like us need only two good meals a day to stay healthy. Skipping breakfast is the easiest way to control food intake. If you find it difficult skip your night meal.

We just need to maintain our grown up body unless you are a body building enthusiastic.

If you have a better control over yourself, try to limit that to 1 meal a day on at least 2 days a week.

Lie No 3. Good and bad Cholesterol: A BIG LIE


Millions of cholesterol specialists have minted money from overweighing patients after this great (?) bifurcation between Good and Bad cholesterol was made.

The whole medical industry along with pharma companies, medical practitioners, chemists, diagnosis equipment manufacturers, edible oil manufacturers and… name them…are behind this BIG Lie!

Dr. B.M Hegde, known to the most in India as People’s doctor writes very elaborately on the mafia behind the so called Cholesterol Scarecrow! [see more]

He says Cholesterol is a Ghost everywhere created by vested interest groups and media.

Let me quote what he wrote in his article on cholesterol. Rest you decide whether the propaganda on cholesterol is a truth or myth.

“Cholesterol is found in all foods of animal origin. There is no cholesterol in anything vegetarian. It is an integral part of the animal cell wall. If one remembers that millions of cells die everyday in the human body to be replaced by new ones, one would quickly realize the importance and need for cholesterol for man. Various hormones in the body are manufactured from cholesterol.

Usual range of normal cholesterol has been, since my college days, between 150-250 mg per deciliter. Recently the American bosses of cholesterol research thought it fit to change this time honoured normal range by declaring three levels for humans thus:4

less than 200 mg/dl……………..DESIRABLE.

200-239 mg/dl…………………….BORDERLINE-HIGH.

More than 240 mg/dl……………HIGH.

The story behind this is intriguing. My hunch is that there are at least 50-60 million Americans in the normal range of 200-250 mg, who by the above classification are not only frightened out of their wits, but come under the net for life long anti-cholesterol drug therapy.

With the present drugs being sold at such phenomenal prices the catch would not be less than 10 billion dollars per year for the drug companies. Apart from this there does not seem to be any other valid reason in the medical literature to support this new found wisdom on the part of the cholesterol pundits!”

Source :

Ghosh! People with more bad(?)Cholesterol LDL are made to feel that their veins could be blocked any time and they are likely to have heart attack soon. 

Fear about the so called bad cholesterol is systematically being created in the mind of overweighing people.

Come out of this fear this new Year!

Lie 4. Eat Low Fat Meals : A Myth

weight loss industry lies - low fat diet

If you swallow an egg, does it become chicken in your stomach?

NO! then what makes you believe that eating fat will make you fatty?

Even if you eat a rock your internal digestive system will work hard to burn (digest) it by spending lots of calories.

‘Fat has more calories, so avoid fat rich food’ is the advice we hear around us, especially to the ones who look little healthy.

But in reality, FAT is not that bad. It helps our body to absorb vitamins and nutrients in the food we eat. Moreover, it makes us feel full faster. 

Only advice could be don’t overeat anything, that’s bad for health.

Follow a balanced diet that has sufficient carbs, proteins and fat for a healthy body.

Lie 5. Sugar replacements – a remedy for weight gain?

These are the trendy things now. Nice TV commercials showing people becoming fit and healthy by using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar are shown very often to us.

sugar replacement

Do you know how it is made, is it well researched, which sweeteners are approved by FDA, possible side effects etc?.

You will be again astonished when you know reality. Will think how you could be so ignorant if you have tried them in your diet seeing the advertisements.

Reality: The US FDA has approved five artificial sweeteners: saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, and sucralose. It has also approved one natural low-calorie sweetener, stevia.

  • The first five sweeteners are chemicals whose effect on our body over time are not really known.
  • No studies are made on their interactions with different ingredients in the food to which they are added.
  • Not many studies on human beings are undertaken so far.
  • One of common fear is that these are addictive. Moreover side effects if used for a long time are not known.
  • They are non-nutritious! analysts even fear them encouraging psychological sweet eating habits.
  • This is said to cause loss of appetite for healthy food fruits and veggies with high nutritional value.

Stevia is zero calorie natural sweetener, but banned in India for mainstream household sale. Do you know why? If everyone starts consuming Stevia then what will Sugarcane farmers do?

I have kept this point at the end as I don’t have enough data to confirm whether it’s right or wrong.

But it’s not natural and unsustainable is what bothers me. I am not for artificial sweeteners, but for controlling sugar cravings consciously.

Hunger Control : Few realities that everyone should know!

Do You agree with me on the following facts?

We really don’t need to eat much to survive happily. Over time we have started eating for time pass or just as a routine. We eat even when we are not hungry just to finish the “Eating Duty”.

Preventing Food Wastage: We take it the wrong way!

Housewives in India are becoming overweight just by eating extra food left so that it is not wasted!

It’s really great if we stop wasting food. Its’s our tradition to consider the food a GODDESS in the name of Annapoorneshwari.  But let’s not try to become waste food box ourselves!

Instead if we train ourselves in preparing limited food, we can prevent food getting wasted as well as we getting fat.

Just change the way you think. Have  a fresh look at yourself!

Feeing hungry is a habit, Not a reality!

Feeing hungry is a habit, Not a reality!

My kids wake up at around 8 O’clock in the morning on Sundays. Just after getting fresh they start pestering me for their favourite food saying they are damn hungry and need food immediately.

Then a neighboring boy comes with some kids and knocks our door asking my kids to join them for playing. My kids forget all their hunger and go to play area and return back only after 12 in the afternoon, of course completely tired!

Why am I sharing what my kids do with you? Do we have any lessons to learn from kids? For me, yes, they are giving me a fresh outlook on life.

Can we make kids and engage ourselves in something very interesting? Can we forget our hunger which most of the time is not a reality, just a habit?

I have heard people complaining of headaches if they don’t drink coffee or tea on time or don’t eat food on time on regular basis. It happens for me too sometimes while travelling.

But I feel it’s more psychological than real as I subsequently came out of the time based snacking habits!

Of course I am not against disciplined eating habits. If you strongly believe that you should take 3 meals a day on time that you feel is best, follow it, but try to eat very less.

One of my friend who follows Jainism tells me that if we take our dinner before sunset all our health issues will be solved soon. Not tried yet though looks interesting.

Still studying on the effect of the Sun on digestion and effect of Sooryanamaskar or Sun Salutation (One of the famous Yoga technique on the name of God SUN widely practiced for weight loss) on metabolism.

As told earlier, I have nothing against time based eating discipline. I am just against overeating habits! And more for a flexible and controlled food habit!

Think over it!


Though I don’t consider myself an expert in the field, I am proud for at least understanding many myths on health that vested interest groups, advertisements and media are successfully creating and spreading in our market-based economies.

Let’s be ourselves, let’s try to think independently and let’s not get lost in the hypes that are being created continuously by the marketers.

A little common sense can go a long way in keeping ourselves healthy and fit for a life time.