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Gorilla Cherry For Prostate Health- The Reality

Prunus Africana is popularly known as Gorilla Cherry which contains a chemical compound called Pygeum which is known to shrink enlarged prostate in male. It’s also credited for killing cancerous prostate cells.

Apart from shrinking enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH) and reducing excessive urination this berry (or cherry) maybe useful in case of fever, malaria and kidney stone. Some users have reported that it has some pleasant side effects like increased libido, increased semen volume and fast recovery after sex!

WARNING- Gorilla Flow Doesn’t Contain Gorilla Cherry!

Shocking? That’s true… keep reading!

Well, you are probably here because you have heard something about Gorilla Flow, Gorilla Secret or Flow like Gorilla? Have you watched that long, boring, scary video advertisement about “Gorilla Flow” that never looked like ending.

Gorilla Cherry has suddenly became popular due to these miracle prostate supplement on the internet! However, Gorilla Flow contains another ingredient called “Saw Palmetto” which mimics the effects of gorilla cherry.

Prostate problem is a desperate health emergency

The possibility of prostate problems in many tends to grow with age. Gorilla Berry extract, a natural, plant-based supplement has been developed to ease the symptoms of prostate problems. It has received extremely positive reviews from its many users – but what sets it apart from other supplements?

The Pain of Prostate Problem

enlarged prostate problem

The challenges associated with prostate problems are not all physical. Those suffering from prostate issues report feeling anxious, depressed, and stressed. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are several factors that can increase the possibility of suffering from problems. These issues (including prostatic hyperplasia and cancer) are most likely to affect men over 40, as well as those suffering from diabetes and obesity.

Scientific Research Data

The bark of gorilla cherry tree contains the chemical compound Pygeum which is known to shrink enlarged prostate and also fight cancer cells. However, don’t get too excited. Clinical trials and various medical studies conducted so far aren’t conclusive.

The bark is exploited in Africa on a large scale for its medicinal value. In South Africa the bark is used to treat chest pains. The bark extracts have become popular in Europe for the treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy (Van Wyk et al. 1997). It is also reputed to be very poisonous and to have magical properties. The close-grained, reddish brown wood is occasionally used for furniture, although it does not season well and splits and twists, so its use is limited. [ref]

Gorilla Flow Review

Gorilla flow review, gorilla cherry
Is Gorilla flow miracle prostate health supplement?

Gorilla flow, an all-natural supplement is available in tablet form and can help to ease the symptoms such as discomfort in the bladder and the prostate. However, the all-natural formulation and ingredients can also help by reducing inflammation and regulating the production of male hormones. the developer of the supplement, Dr. Leo Shub has stated that the effectiveness of the Gorilla Flow formulation is based on the fact that it addresses estrogenic inflammation.

Enlargement of the prostate can be caused by an overproduction of estrogen in the male body. Gorilla Flow blocks estrogen receptors that are responsible for detecting estrogen levels in the blood. This allows the body the manufacture more testosterone – and Gorilla Flow also inhibits the production of estrogen, a hormone that has been linked to swelling of the prostate.

Man Boob, Estrogen & Prostate Connection

If you have Man boob you have higher risk of getting prostate problem

Do you have man boob (moob or Gynecomastia)? Even if you are not obese or overweight you may still have Moob. Estrogen (the female hormone) is responsible for that. Excessive estrogen in male body not only causes weight gain, it can also cause swollen prostate.

Gorilla Flow Ingredients

It contains Saw Palmetto Extract, Pygeum Extract, Grape seeds, Pumpkin seed extract, Boron, Lycopene. But surprisingly it does not contain gorilla cherry extract! The producer is trying encash the popularity of gorilla cherry.

The cost of this supplement is $79.95 per bottle, reduced to $49 for 3 bottles and further reduced to $39 if you buy 3 bottles.

Better & Cheaper Alternatives

For just $15 you can purchase very good prostate health supplement from Amazon.

If you are experiencing problems with urine flow or any other issues related to your prostate then Gorilla Flow might be the solution that helps you enjoy a better quality of life. This all-natural treatment addresses the root cause of any problems – and promotes the healthy functioning of the bladder – and the course takes just 4 weeks.

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Final Words

Most pills aimed at encouraging prostate health contain DHT. Researchers from Wyoming and those from Pure Body Innovations believe that it is estrogenic inflammation that is the root cause of swollen prostates and associated poor bladder function.