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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss! How?

Apple Cider Vinegar is the craziest dieting trend in the last couple of years. A prominent magazine published an article claiming that it’s possible to lose 5 kg per week by drinking apple cider vinegar!

Many celebrities reportedly used it for weight loss and recommended it. And there are many medical research with promising results. So, no wonder ACV is one of the popular weight loss trends.

Does ACV help in losing weight?

Yes, it does indeed. It helps you to curb appetite, enhances metabolism & helps in detoxifying your body. Just like other alcoholic beverages it maybe useful if you have kidney or bladder stones.

The Problem: You simply cannot drink ACV!

ACV is a highly acidic strong alcohol with an unpleasant taste. Even if you drink well diluted vinegar the burps, smell and after taste would make you feel sick & depressed. That’s the reason most dieters give-up drinking ACV within few days. (Personal experience!)

You need an exceptionally strong mindset & determination to continue your vinegar weight loss program. Good luck!

Problem 2: Fake ACV

Most of the cheap ACV you find in nearby shops and online stores are fake. These cheaper ACVs are nothing but adulterated, synthetic and chemical infused alcohols with artificial scent.

These fakes & dupes can cause many side effects like upset stomach, heart burning, constipation and even diarrhea!

People who bash & shout against ACV on Facebook are mostly used these dupes.

Problem 3: Unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic weight loss expectations from apple cider vinegar is futile for failure

You see, ACV itself doesn’t burn off fat. It helps you to reduce hunger, improve your metabolism & overall digestive system and detoxify internal organs.

Surely, you can lose some weight with all these detox alone as ACV removes parasites and free radicals from the body. Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apple juice which means it has useful probiotics so good for you.

However, if you continue to eat everything you want & as much as you want you are unlikely to see any weight loss result. For sustainable weight loss there must be daily calorie reduction. ACV is an effective diuretic too.

Calorie deficit can be achieved only through eating less and exercising more. When you eat less and workout more you will feel hungry, lethargic, low, and frustrated. This is where raw ACV or Vinegar supplements can come for your help.

The Perfect ACV Weight Loss Diet Plan

An exact apple cider weight loss diet does not exist.  Most of the Youtube videos and blog posts about ACV diet are meant for entertainment only. With ACV diet you just have to drink 2 spoons of vinegar (about 10-15) several times a day.

Tip: You can add mint, ginger, green tea, clove etc. to reduce the sever bad taste & smell. Many bloggers claim that it can reduce cholesterol, regulate BP and improve insulin sensitivity etc. However, none of them are medically reviewed.

As mentioned earlier in the post, drinking ACV is just one part of the puzzle. To lose weight you must follow a calorie-deficit controlled diet. Consume about 1200-1500 (women), 1500-1800 (men) calories per day.

Caution: For women, fasting is difficult due to complex physical & biological reasons. For men (who are obese) 24 hour or even 48 fasting is possible. Again, there is no perfect formula. My suggestions are indicative, and you have adjust it as per your needs.

Golden nugget: To cause calorie deficit you can do Intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast or skipping dinner. Please ensure that atleast you follow a strict 12 hour fast (meaning, if you have dinner at 8PM don’t eat anything till tomorrow 8AM except water)

My Alternative Experiment

I’m slightly overweight (about 2-3 kg) for my height and body composition (BMI). After hearing all the good things about Apple cider vinegar I tried to drink but failed badly.

Recently came across cheap ACV gummies on Flipkart with good user’s feedback. The gummy is made from vinegar, pomegranate juice & beetroot extract. It’s sweet-N-sour, feels good in mouth without bad burps.

Yes, the gummies are helping me!

I wanted to control excessive snacking between meals (like eating chocolate, chips etc.) This ACV gummy reduces food craving, gives a bit of energy boost. Very useful if you have sweet teeth like me.  

Below you can see the pics of this ACV gummies.

1. RONCUVITA Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies For Detox & Gut Health

Product highlights.

Roncuvita Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies is a dietary supplement in soft gummies form, its super delicious; full of vitamins and minerals. With the goodness of Vinegar in gummies, it supports immunity and metabolism.

Though it is not marketed as weight loss supplement it gives the major benefit of ACV for weight loss.

Priced around Rs 400 for 2 bottles on Flipkart. This is the cheap & best ACV gummy for weight loss

Buy on FlipKart

2. WOW Life Science Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Product highlights

WOW Life Science Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is natural, raw, unfiltered and non-pasteurized with 4% ‘Mother of Vinegar’ for extra potency. It has been made using cold-pressed juice of Himalayan organic apples of the finest quality.

Holding up the bottle with the product towards light reveals fine strands floating in it. This is the restorative powerhouse ‘Mother of Vinegar’ that makes WOW Life Science Apple Cider Vinegar the best buy for your good health.

Wow is the genuine organic apple cider vinegar in raw form. Priced below Rs 500 with 4.3 start rating speaks about its popularity.

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3. Zingavita Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss ACV Tablet

Product Feature

Zingavita ACV tablets are packed with B-Vitamins such as B6 & B12 that helps boost metabolism, improve gut health, reduce bloating (especially due to PMS), clear skin & increase energy 100% GOODNESS, ZERO JUNK:

Zingavita fizzy tabs are manufactured in FSSAI approved, WHO-GMP certified facility. These tabs are Sugar Free, Vegan, Gluten Free & Allergen Free so you get all of the health benefits with none of the side effects POP-FIZZ-ZING:

Pop 1 tablet in 20 ml of water, wait till it dissolves completely and drink 30 minutes before your meal.

This tablet is specifically made for weight loss. It’s around Rs 200 per bottle of 15 tablets. 4.2 star rating proves that it’s good.

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Apple cider vinegar has been used for thousands of years as a general tonic and folk remedy for help with healthier weight loss, lower blood sugar, better digestion, more energy, improved joint health plus better skin, hair & oral hygiene, and much more. See how to check your BMI

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