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Pros & Cons of Law Carb High Protein Diet

High protein & healthy fat foods

Protein is an important part our diet. Human body requires proteins to develop bones, muscles and for regenerating cells.

Inadequate amounts of protein in your diet plan can lead to premature aging, weak muscles and bones, infertility and kwashiorkor in extreme cases. It is worse in children as it can lead to improper growth and development. 

Kwashiorkor is a disease marked by severe protein malnutrition and bilateral extremity swelling. It usually affects infants and children, most often around the age of weaning through age 5. [source]

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Low Carbohydrate High Protein Food Options

Most snacks are not able to satisfy hunger for a long time mostly because majority of them have high sugar content. Eating low-sugar foods rich in proteins can prevent sudden increase in blood sugar levels.

Choosing different kinds of food can assist one develop a low-carbohydrate-high-protein diet plan. There are several sources of these foods.

As a start one should increase their daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

One can choose vegetables that have low amounts of starch such as spinach, lettuce and cruciferous vegetables. Go for the fruits that are low in sugar. 

consumption of fruits and vegetables

These fruits can include lemon grapefruit and berries. Fruits and vegetables have numerous benefits. They are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

For those who love meat; pork and poultry are high in proteins and have very low carbohydrate content.

You should however avoid processed meat since it contains high amounts of saturated Fat.  Experts recommend that avoiding processed meat reduce chances of colon cancer.

Fish and sea food are a rich source of proteins. One can include cod, crab, salmon, tilapia and snapper in their diet plans.

Nuts and seeds can be another option. They contain protein and essential fatty acids. Common nuts include peanuts, pecans, sunflower seeds and walnuts.

Protein Deficiency Impact

Let’s look at the health impact of protein scarcity in a person’s body, prevention and treatment.

The first side effect is an enlarged liver detected from blood test. Sections of the skin start developing a different pigmentation and the hair texture starts changing.

This may be occasioned by diarrhea and low body mass. As the condition worsens, the stomach bulges apathy and one develops a feeling of laziness. If the condition is not checked it can lead to shock and coma.

Treatment is usually done by putting the patient on a diet rich in good fats and carbohydrates. This is to improve metabolism and increase production of energy. In later stages proteins are included in the diet and vitamin supplements to ensure complete recovery.

Recommended Protein Consumption

  1. In order to remain healthy, experts recommend that 10% of your daily calories consumption should be from proteins.
  2. Those who are physically active should take atleast 20% [check protein calculator]
  3. In order to remain safe you should increase the amount of protein sources in your diet plan since our bodies do not store amino acids that make proteins. 

A protein rich diet is essential for both weight loss and weight gain.

Effects of High Protein Diet Plans

Too much protein can be harmful to your body. It may seem awkward to discuss the effects of protein overload in at a time when almost everyone is going for the low carbohydrate foods.

Gastrointestinal issues like gas, bloating, upset stomach are common symptoms of excess protein intake. These symptoms maybe reduced by using variety of herbs and spices like cumin seeds, sesame & dhania etc.

Many herbs and spices reduce the side effects of protein

Proteins play vital roles in our bodies. Some proteins are catalysts, others coordinate nerve impulses and they control growth. However a very high protein diet plan can have undesirable consequences in our bodies.

Those at risk of protein overload are the body builders. Bodybuilders take protein supplements and foods rich in proteins. With proper exercises, protein can increases the muscle mass but consuming too much of it puts one at risk of protein overload.

However, excess protein and heavy lifting-workouts induce the male body to produce more testosterone hormones than needed. Excess testosterone can cause male behavioral issues such as aggression, ill-temper, and abnormal or excess libido.

  • Protein overload puts vital organs such as the kidney at risk.
  • Too much protein in the blood stream increases the renal blood flow.

The problem starts when the ingested proteins release amino acids. These amino acids get to the kidney tubules. The tubules become more absorbent.  This overworks the kidneys in their attempt to filter out excess amino acids.

Continued exposure of the kidneys to excessive proteins causes it to degenerate gradually. The kidney becomes inefficient thereby working harder for longer. This condition can be reversed, though not always, by eating food with low amounts of proteins.

The Variety of Healthy Choice Diet Plans

Making the choice on which diet would be the most appropriate to follow to cut down on calories and unhealthy foods can be at times stressful. A healthy choice diet plan will always depend on what is safe and comfortable for you.

Healthy eating options

Your choice of diet plans is not limited as you can pick from high fiber diets, high protein diets, low carbohydrate diets and whole grain diets among many others. 

  1. High fiber diets are composed of foods that are packed with a lot of fiber to keep you satisfied for longer. Legumes, veggies and whole grain are some of the foods on this diet.
  2. High Protein diets are centered on protein rich foods. These proteins are categorized into complete and incomplete proteins. Poultry, fish, lean meats and dairy products provide complete proteins while legumes, vegetables and whole grain offer incomplete proteins.
  3. Low carbohydrate diets are majorly focused on foods that raise blood sugar level gradually giving you energy steadily without spikes in blood sugar after consumption of meals.

Complex carbohydrates and protein foods make the center of low carbohydrate diets. Lean meat, poultry, whole milk and non-starch foods are the major constituents of this diet.

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A Healthy Choice diet Plan should make you enjoy and cause you no discomfort. The variety available ensures that if maybe you are vegetarian you can enjoy a diet that suits you or if you like proteins you will also lose weight in a way you love.