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Fitspire – Aspiring to Become a 100% Vegan Supplements Company

Fitspire brand review

Fitspire is an Indian brand of wellness products promoted by New Delhi based company Starcap Wellness Pvt Ltd. The company manufactures and sells a variety of dietary supplements designed for weight management, muscle building, and general well-being.

It seems that the company has their own manufacturing unit. Most of the cheap herbal supplements sold online are just ‘private labelled’ products manufactured by different companies.

This is a Brand Showcase article where we introduce unique health & wellness product companies to our readers. Read Fitspire Protein supplement review here

Editor –

Creating a new supplement brand in India is not easy due to massive competition and low brand loyalty by customers. Indian users typically prefer cheaper alternatives, so they constantly jump from one brand to another ignoring the unique feature & benefit of a particular brand.

More about Fitspire Company

According to YourStory, Starcap Wellness Private Limited, the promoter of Fitspire brand was co-founded by Vipen Jain (an alumni of IIM-Lucknow), Nidhi Jain (a fitness enthusiast) and Hinah Sawhney (Women Entrepreneur). Investors include Sukhbir Sings & Startup Buddy.

The company’s mission statement states that “they aspire to build India’s #1 100% vegan wellness products brand.” Founded in 2019, the company currently employs slightly more than 50 employees.


Products on Showcase

Fitspire products overview
Fitspire products screengrab. As seen on
  1. Under fitness category they sell variety of whey protein, pre & post workout nutrition, energy bars, BCCA supplements for regular gym goers. Listed price of “Gold Whey Protein Powder” is Rs 3,000 for a bottle of 30 servings. That’s almost Rs 100 per serving! It may look like an expensive protein powder, but imported brands like Optimum Nutrition (ON) cost more than that.
  2. Under Wellness category Fitspire sells few supplements like multivitamin for men & women, male vitality supplement and a weight loss product called “Keto Fit”. Pricing for these supplements is around Rs 1500 which is competitive among peers.
  3. They also sell some nutritional energy bar under “Healthy Snacking” category. This includes peanut butter, protein bar, quinoa chocolate etc.

India is home to millions of health conscious 100% vegan & vegetarians. However, when it comes to medicines or supplements, not all of them differentiate between ‘pure plant based product’ or ‘animal produce based’. Here the selection criteria is cost and affordability (everyone is after cheap & best!) So this 100% vegan is sub-niche market to explore.

Customers Feedback

I have selected “Fitspire Keto Fit” for consumers satisfaction evaluation. On Amazon shopping portal around 60% users have left positive feedback, around 20% gave mixed review. That indicates decent product satisfaction for a dietary supplement which promises weight loss.

Read Fitspire Protein supplement review here

Some negative reviews were found for “Fitspire Fit Men Vitality” supplement which is formulated as a natural testosterone enhancer. However, many people buy such supplements with false assumption for completely different reasons which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction.


Creating a wellness supplements brand and keeping customers loyalty pose multiple challenges for a newcomers. We will have to see how Fitspire cope with that.