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Ketogen Super Foods LLP: What They are Selling?

Ketogen Super Foods is a dietary supplements producer promoted by Yoga Fitness & Nutrition LLC, a Noida based firm.

They manufacture and sell a variety of slimming and weight loss supplements like Ketogen Advance, Essential Wellness Detox, Lean Smoothie, Ketogen NightBurn etc.

According to the official website their supplements contain ‘only clean ingredients without gluten, soy, added sugar or any other artificial filler chemicals. (see the screenshot below)

Screengrab from official website

This is a brand showcase article where we introduce unique ‘Made in India’ health, beauty, and fitness products to our readers. In-depth products review is not written in this section.

Editor –

However, I have selected one product called “Ketogen Advance Slimming Complex” for factual review. This slimming pill seems to be their top selling supplement right now.

Ketogenic Advanced Formula

Ketogen advance slimming complex as seen on official website
As seen on website

Ketogen Advance Slimming Complex is advertised as a fat burner, hunger controller, energy booster, natural detox, metabolism booster & antioxidant support.

Its primary ingredients are garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, cinnamon extract, ginger, black pepper & psyllium husk. All these ingredients are commonly used in various slimming pills with variable proportions.

Lean Lite by Setu Nutrition contains similer ingrediens.

It has no strong thermogenic boosters like caffeine but contains mild stimulant from green tea. Therefore, this supplement is relatively safer for most dieters without any adverse effects. Overall, it appears like formulated for women.

It may not be ideal for Men who goto gym or perform rigorous exercises as the supplement cannot supply enough energy for gym workouts. However, normal men can use it as part of their weight management.

This diet pill must be used along with a calorie-controlled diet and moderate exercise to see weight loss result & other claimed benefits

The supplement may assist you in controlling hunger with some boost in energy (also known as metabolism booster). Additionally, the other ingredients are useful nutrients with many health benefits. It’s produced at HerbalVeda Pharmacy, New Delhi.

It may assist you as a nutrient provider if you are trying burn excess fat. See how to check your body fat percentage.

Pricing Information

Pricing seems to slightly on higher side in comparison to other Indian brands. However, it’s cheaper than many imported fat burners or manufactured in India under license which contain almost same ingredients.

On official website, the cost of 1 bottle of 60 capsules is Rs 1999/. There is a package discount for 4 bottles pack at Rs 3,550/- . 6 months supply available for Rs 4,990/-

Available at lower price on Amazon >>

Real Customers Feedback.

The official website has more than 1000 customers review. However, on Amazon I could only find around 100 reviews, of which about 60% are positive. This indicates decent amount of customers satisfaction.